Some of the advantages of having plants indoors

» It helps you to relax

» It purifies the environment

» It brightens up your home

Self irrigation system adaptable to all your pots

Water your plants all year round including during your holidays

The unique,” one and only “ self watering system hidden inside your pots or planters


hydrum allows you to water your plants knowing that they will be properly taken care of at all times

Each plant needs to be watered according to its species, season, location, temperature, humidity and light it receives.

The different requirements of each plant for the proper development make the correct irrigation difficult, and are the cause of many plants to deteriorate or even die. In most cases excess irrigation is the main cause.

With hydrum the water intake is adjustable to the variable demand and to the changing situations, encouraging proper growth and enhancing its beauty.

Most houseplants are tropical in origin and therefore require a moderate and constant humidity.

hydrum directly waters the roots and the area around the roots of your plants

It is important to know that plants absorb 70% of the water through the upper half of the root zone (40% on the first level, 30% on the second, 20% on the third and finally 10% on the bottom level)

Zona radicular

hydrum is the only self-watering system on the market based on these fundamental and natural principles with 100% of the water supplied directly to the roots

hydrum waters your plants with the same efficiency as nature. From top to bottom.

Why is hydrum so efficient?

The hydrum automatic watering system is based on a continuous capillary integration with the surrounding soil, the whole being subjected to the hydraulic principles involving the state and movement of water in the soil. The hydrum water supply system forms an integral part with all of the soil surrounding it.

In dry soil, the water extracted from the hydrum system is subject to the suction and hydraulic force originated by the dry soil, and is therefore distributed subject to the action of gravity and capillary forces

The hydrum automatic adjustment allows water to flow through a drainage system which adjusts to the demand of the soil and the plants without causing loss of water below the root zone (roots).

Advantages of the hydrum System

  • Very easy to install, there are no batteries and connections
  • Discreet. hydrum is buried in the soil of the pot.
  • Continuous Humidity, ongoing and reliable
  • Proper watering at all times
  • Waters your plants even when you are away from home
  • It copies the natural way of watering plants, from top to bottom.
  • Easily installed in any pot or planter that you have chosen according to the interior decoration of your home
  • Respects the environment
  • 100% recyclable
  • All of the water is used, no spillage

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To install hydrum is very easy.

Establishments <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> presentation box The <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> filling tube should be inserted all the way to the bottom of your pot. To install <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> in your home in pots or planters which already have plants in it, simply remove about 10 cm substrate, leaving enough space to introduce the <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> device as horizontally as possible. For new plants :  fill the pot with the substrate up to 10 cm from the edge and continue installing the same way as explained above. Refill the pot or planter making sure that the <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> is buried leaving only the filling funnel exposed . Do not cover the ventilation holes Fill the <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> device with water through tube-filling funnel. <span class='Meta-Bold'>hydrum</span> will now slowly but surely supply water to the soil. The water supply will last about four weeks, depending on the type of plant, location, type of substrate, season, temperature, etc. Even when the blue level is in the lowest position, there is still enough water in the tank for a few days


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